A Guide To Taking Charge Of The Way You Age

A book-in-process about using the great outdoors and outdoor exercise as a way to stay young

and have a happier, healthier, longer life. A guide to taking charge of the way you age.

Martin Pazzani is a global business decathlete, a fitness entrepreneur, and a mountaineer. Strategist, marketer, ceo, company founder, speaker, advertising guy, management consultant, communications architect.

Has worked on the corporate side (at large global corporations and startups), and on the ad agency side (also at large global ones and startups) across multiple categories and on six continents. Been there, done that, and not slowing down at all at age 63: currently juggling three startups simultaneously — in brain fitness, craft spirits, and marketing communications — while writing "Age!Younger: GetOutside," charting what he’s learned about staying active and youthful through hiking, trekking and climbing major peaks on all seven continents.

His brain fitness startup, Act!vate Brain & Body, is focused on the health and longevity of the “active agers” population with a mission to radically improve the trajectory of aging. Their motto is "Age!Younger" and he is making sure to practice what he preaches.

Recent medical testing reveals his lungs are 40% larger than a normal human being’s, which accounts for his being very good at walking uphill for long distances with a heavy pack on his back, which just happens to be, he says, his personal pathway to the Fountain of Youth.